Top 10 most dangerous places to live in London

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Top 10 most dangerous places to live in London

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The dream of moving to London quickly turns into a nightmare for those who simply choose the wrong area to live in. While crime exists everywhere, and it would be incredibly naïve of us to say otherwise, as with every other city in the world there are areas of London which are more dangerous than others.

Whether this is due to the local, the inhabitants, the social tension, or a number of other factors is unclear, but the following top 10 of most dangerous places to live in London has been collated using the very latest statistics and data on all of the above and more. These are the areas you should avoid if you are thinking of moving to London, and here are the reasons why.


10. Harlesden


Harlesden, in the south west borough of Brent, has an unsavoury reputation that is finding hard to shed. Long associated with gun crime it has been called London’s equivalent of the Bronx on more than one occasion and is also one of the most deprived areas of the UK. The Stonebridge estate is generally considered to be a den of iniquity and unless you live here try to avoid at all costs.


9. Hackney


Sitting in east London the borough of Hackney is a bit like Marmite; you love it or hate it. Outsiders may feel it is wise to give it a wide berth thanks to it high crime rate and street gangs yet those who live there cannot praise it enough. Not all of Hackney deserves to be tarred with the same brush however and there are some nice areas but those you should avoid are London Fields estate, Holly Street estate, Pembury estate, Lower Clapton Road, Kingshold estate, Well Street and Fellows Court.


8. Brixton

Brixton Market

With a long time reputation as the bad boy of London, Brixton has tried hard to redeem itself and while there have been improvements in some parts, the area as a whole retains its undesirable image. The area will always be known for the infamous riots and those attending gigs at the O2 academy are advised to stick together in a large group and not to flash their smartphones. Particular areas to avoid are Myatts Field North/South estates, Angel Town estate, Loughborough Junction, Somerleyton estate and  Coldharbour Rd.


7. Tottenham


Best known outside of London for the famous football team, there are very undesirable areas of Tottenham where the crime rate is a lot higher than the statistics suggest. The problem with crime is areas such as Tottenham is that many go unreported as the chances of the culprits being found are practically zilch, especially in muggings and phone thefts. If you are visiting Tottenham, or looking to live there thanks to the cheap housing, areas that should be avoided are Meridian Close, Broadwater Farm, Tiverton estate and Northumberland Park


6. Peckham


This little known area shot to fame thanks to Delboy Trotter but in reality is a far cry from the friendly ‘manor’ portrayed in the TV show although Nelson Mandela house was a prime example of the main housing here. Gang, gun and knife crime is rife here and parts of it fall under the category of ghettos. Particular areas you should keep away from are North Peckham estate, Lettsom estate, Pelican estate and Oliver Goldsmith estate.


5. Stockwell


The little known area of Stockwell is in the borough of Lambeth within the boundaries of inner south west London. An area of high unemployment and crime, there are many who reckon Stockwell is the epitome of poverty stricken inner city living. The bulk of the housing here is local authority blocks and the worst areas in Stockwell are deemed to be Stockwell Park estate, Stockwell Gardens, Studley estate and Gaskell Street.


4. Camden


Camden is a bit of an enigma in that is considered to be a generally undesirable area yet residents are fiercely proud of their area and wouldn’t live anywhere else. Camden covers quite a large area north of Westminster, and according to statistics crime in higher in the latter. As mentioned previously this is probably due to more crimes going unreported than in the neighbouring affluent area. The main areas to avoid in Camden are Regents Park estate, Somerstown, Gibleys Yard and Rowley Way


3. Kings Cross

People sitting outside Caravan in Granary Square, King's Cross

If you are looking for a hotel in London and find one that seems too cheap to be true then chances are it in the Kings Cross area. The part of central London surrounding the famous Railway Station is best described as grotty, and can also be described as dirty, crime ridden and with a high volume of prostitution. Organised crime in rife in Kings Cross and the worst areas and certainly isn’t somewhere to be wandering around after dark.


2. Edmonton


As like so many areas in London there are bad parts and better parts of Edmonton in the borough of Enfield. North Edmonton has a very high crime rate and particular areas rife in crime are Bounces Road estate, Edmonton Green Towers, Barbot Close, Osward Place and  Shires estate. Housing is cheap in Edmonton but that is about the only good thing you can say about this area north of Tottenham.


1. Clapham North



There are some very nice areas of Clapham such as the common and Clapham Junction sadly the same cannot be said for Clapham North. Although it has seem rejuvenation over the years and is no longer thought of as the runt of the area, not by its residents at least, it still has a long way to go to become desirable in any way. The housing is cheap but is mainly restricted to ex-authority blocks and this probably isn’t a part of Clapham you should consider if you are moving here with your family.

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