6 Crazy Foods Printed With A 3D Printer…..Seriously!

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6 Crazy Foods Printed With A 3D Printer…..Seriously!

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3D printing or ‘Additive Manufacturing’ (AM) has been the talk of the web for some time now. Everyone has heard about this magical robot that can make any object out of computer data and the hype is not misplaced.

3D printers can make almost anything, from limbs to toys and everything in between, but the question on our minds (and in our stomachs) is what kind of food could it make?

Food is such an important commodity that in a world where food prices are soaring and many go without, a 3D printer seems to be an answer to all our prayers, or simply a quick and convenient way to make a snack. These snacks are far from ordinary though, and you won’t find your average Kitkat amongst these delicious design wonders.

So before your stomach grumbles any more, here are the top six exciting edibles that came from a 3D printer:

1.       Geometric Sweets:

3D Printed Geometric Sweets

The BBC explains that “sweets are created by spreading a fine layer of the flavoured sugar, and then painting water on top using a jet print head to turn the substance into hardened crystals” – not quite as magical as Willy Wonka but these sweets are definitely not your average Skittle in terms of design.


2.       Strawberry Flavoured Raspberry

3D Printed Fruit - Strawberry Flavoured Raspberry

Source: dovetailed.co

Cambridge company, Dovetailed have used a molecular-gastronomy technique in 3D printing called spherification to turn flavoured liquid droplets into certain shapes, this one being a raspberry that tastes like a strawberry. What fantastic fruits will be next? A kiwi flavoured apple, or a tropical banana? The future of 3D printed fruit looks exciting.


3.        Smoothie Meals

Smoothie Meal 3d Printed

Source: wz-newsline.de

The company Biozoon have found a wonderful niche in the 3D printing market, they make a product called SmoothFood – essentially an entire meal 3D printed in a variety of smooth textures. The product is aimed at elderly people who have difficulty eating solids but would still like to enjoy that delicious turkey dinner, whether or not it comes with “foam potatoes”…


4.       Objects Made of Nutella:

3D Printed Nutella

Source: thewire.com

Nutella? Need I say more? One of the first to explore different materials for the 3D printer, the geniuses behind the Discov3ry Extruder describe their product as “A universal paste extruder for virtually any desktop 3D printer. Go beyond plastic: print silicone, Nutella, wood filler + much more” – sounds great, but they had me at Nutella…


5.       Dinosaur Shaped Quiche:

3D Printed Dinosaur Quiche

Source: naturalmachines.com

Yes you heard right, tiny spinach quiches in the shape of dinosaurs. The company Natural Machines sells 3D printers specifically made for printing food. The company assures that the food tastes great and is made from fresh ingredients (no real dinosaurs then…).


6.       Space Pizza:

Nasa 3D Printed Space Pizza

Source: gizmodo.co.uk

Saving the best till last, here we have every ten year old’s dream – space pizza. Nasa have collaborated with a Texan company to create pizza for astronauts on long haul space missions. The project is only in its early stages but I would guess I’m not the only one hoping to see a pizza restaurant on the moon someday!


So there we have it, five incredible and unbelievable 3D printed foods. 3D printers are still a very new technology and hopefully the future will bring us more weird and wonderful printed foods to feast our eyes and appetites on. I know I’ve got my hopes on a house made of chocolate…

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