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Facebook Business Pages Changes 2015

Facebook Business Pages Changes 2014 Facebook has changed its business page design (again) and has left some users reeling in confusion. The recent update has modernised its layout to look the same on the mobile device version and is very similar to the personal profile. These changes have been trickling in since March and will […]

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Bag yourself a new landlord or two…

As a UK-based letting agency you’ll be aware by now that finding a new landlord or two isn’t easy – especially in the current climate where let’s face it, it’s currently a landlord’s market. The difficulty with finding new landlords is often because they are (a) difficult to reach (b) are reluctant to use an […]

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Estate agents: How to attract more landlords

Those of us in the estate agency business have been aware for some time now that it’s a landlords market out there. With more people renting and George Osborne and the finance sector still making it difficult for the average UK individual, couple or family to get a mortgage (Help to Buy notwithstanding) renting out […]

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8 Slang Phrases Only Londoners Understand

Over the years, Londoners have developed a rich language that can sometimes seem impenetrable to anyone not used to the ways of the capital. Here are a few phrases non-Londoners may struggle with, many of which are based on the city’s famous rhyming slang. 1. “Let me have a butcher`s” This one’s confusing in all […]

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The ultimate guide through World Cup face-painting: best and worst national flags to put on your face!

2014 World Cup is officially upon us, giving us the licence to do all the silly little things that define us as football fans. Face-painting is one such option for die-hard supporters of their national teams. Every four years, the entire planet stops for a couple of weeks and pays close attention to battles between […]

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Combining Digital Marketing & Offline Marketing for the Best Results

Often, when you read about the best way to approach marketing, it’s from an either/or perspective that separates offline marketing and digital marketing. However it’s my strong belief that this is the wrong approach. To truly get the most out of your business and promote it in the best way possible, you should use a […]

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A Complete Guide to Instagram Marketing

If you’ve never used Instagram as a marketing tool then you could be forgiven for thinking it’s simply a place for celebrities to post selfies and pictures of their pets. However Instagram is actually an excellent place to start becoming active if you want to market your business in a more visual way. Why Instagram […]

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6 Crazy Foods Printed With A 3D Printer…..Seriously!

3D printing or ‘Additive Manufacturing’ (AM) has been the talk of the web for some time now. Everyone has heard about this magical robot that can make any object out of computer data and the hype is not misplaced. 3D printers can make almost anything, from limbs to toys and everything in between, but the […]

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Game of Thrones inspires famous Nike designer

HBO’s brilliant production of the Game of Thrones series based on the fantasy books by George R. R. Martin has taken the world by the storm. Sure, great storylines are definitely one of the reasons why so many people keep talking about this show, but a deeper look will reveal many spectacular visual details that […]

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Personalized billboards: a way to stand out in a crowded marketplace

Billboard signs have defined classic advertising for decades, but they haven’t been spared the need to change as the entire landscape of modern communications continues to transform. Simply put, there are so many messages out there that advertisers have been forced to experiment with radical ideas in order to stay relevant. New electronic channels of […]

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